Vedic Astrology compatibility Calculator

Vedic Birth Chart Compatibility Calculator: Simply input your and your partner's date, time, and place of birth to receive your compatibility score.

With our Vedic Astrology Compatibility Calculator, you can now take a step closer to discovering that perfect match. By just entering your and your potential partner's date of birth, this match calculator tool will provide you with an easy-to-understand compatibility score.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Vedic Astrology Compatibility Calculator work?

The calculator assesses the positions of planets (Grahas) and the 12 houses in both individuals' birth charts. These placements can hint at personality traits, behaviors, and dynamics between individuals, offering insights into compatibility.

Why do I need to provide the place of birth?

The Earth's rotation changes our view of the sky. Different locations mean different celestial views, influencing individual astrological charts.

Is my data safe?

User privacy is a priority. Your data is exclusively for calculating compatibility and isn't stored or shared elsewhere.